Hi, I'm Ty

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I’m a Singapore-based frontend developer looking for a strong team to grow with. I care about building pragmatic, culturally informed products for people.

I specialize in the full lifecycle of product development - design, prototype and development. If this sounds like your cup of tea, see my work experience below 👇

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Chief Product Officer & Cofounder

  • Engineered Android and iOS products using React Native, GraphQL & AWS Amplify
  • Developed company website using React, Gatsby, Contentful and Netlify
  • Designed complete UI/UX and visual assets for all company products
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Frontend Developer

  • Lead developer on multilingual client website built with Gatsby, React, GraphQL, Styled Components, Contentful and Netlify
  • Implemented key brand animations with SVG, CSS and GSAP for client projects
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Product Manager Intern

  • Prototyped new features rolled out to 100k+ daily active users
  • Redesigned complete UI/UX for product targeting international markets
  • Consulted on cultural components for app localization
See website

I'm also a Top Rated freelancer on Upwork for UI/UX design and frontend developement.

Other things I've built include the TenX website, My Ahmah Say, and v2 of this site.

I can be found around the web on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

Otherwise, feel free to drop me an email at hopp.ty.c@gmail.com if it suits!